Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fish throwing, Experience Music and IM Courses.

Back from Seattle. Had a great few days with my duaghter. We had so much fun - did the touristy type things.

Yes! Pike Market and the fish throwing guys were in top form - there were lots of people buying fish, which meant lots of fish throwng! If you've never seen this its worth the visit alone!

The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museums were very impressive. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft put up the big bucks to make it happen and Frank Gehry, the pre-eminent architect of the Bilboa Guggenhiem was commissioned to design the building! I wonder if Frank Lloyd Wright's creations were so out of this world for his time?

Discovered an absolutely fab boutique Synapse 206. If you are looking for one of a kind, to die for couture that you don't have to take out a second mortgage for, this is one of those rare "destination" boutiques.
Just one of the many unique creations you can find at Synapse 206. This dress was completely fashioned from "retired" designer jeans, and it is simply to die for!

So much more but that would be straying from the topic of this blog! Or would it? Whenever I go and visit John Chow's blogI find it interesting to read about not only the art of blogging for money, but also the places he visits and the people he meets.

Got back to a lot of emails - some from readers of this blog. One was a question on how to leave a comment here. Easy, just scroll down where it says "comments" with a little graphic of an envelope, click on the envelope and a form will pop up for you to leave a comment.

Had several questions on courses. Of the several courses that I took I really liked Nitro Marketing Blueprint
You get so much for your money. When I took it I got hard copy material as well as downloadable material so that I could work on my computer as well as have the material at my elbows for ease of reference. Everyone learns differently, whether your learning style is visual, auditory or through reading, you will find it all there - in a box! Now I did not take the coaching program. At the time that I took this course the coaching program was a bit steep for my budget.

But here is the thing, from my perspective, unless you already have some sort of a grounding in internet marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why I started this blog. In my view, blogging is the best way to get your grounding in internet marketing. You learn so much and then you can wade into full blown courses. I know that most every course out there says that if you can log on to your computer you can take their course. That is just no so for the majority of newbies. It is a learning process and it does not happen overnight.

Having said that I strongly endorse Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge. Ed runs this for free every August and launches with a pre-season which will be this coming Monday. I encourage each of you to register - I will publish the link here as soon as I have it. I think this is the 6th year that Ed is holding this and each year it gets better and better. If you are a newbie you will not be able to get through it all in30 days, but never fear, you download all the material and then you can take your sweet time going through each item, mastering it as you go along. The value is amazing and that it is available for free is nothing short of astounding.

So... hold on to your horses ............. my registration link coming up!

Happy Blogging!

PS... there was plenty of cheese at Pike Market - handmade local smelly yummy stuff! Bought a load!

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