Thursday, March 26, 2009

Traffic Generating Techniques - Part III

Keyword Rich Articles

Article Marketing is a specialized discipline within Internet Marketing. Much has been written on this inch wide-mile deep subject and it is not my intention to go that deep here. What I want to emphasize is that article marketing is a powerful traffic generating technique. Yes, it requires writing, or hiring someone to do the writing for you.

Let’s go on the assumption that the reason you have turned to blogging for money is because you enjoy writing . You can use this skill to further the success on your blogging efforts as you submit your posts to article directories.

Later on we’ll go into greater detail on article marketing. For now lets just apply what in my mind is the most important thing to remember when writing your articles: keywords.

“Write a series of keyword-targeted articles in various niches and submit them to the elite authority sites online. Continually add these keyword-targeted articles and get ranked for them in Google. Monetize the traffic by sending them to an affiliate link you’re promoting in that niche” … Alvin Phang (or at leasted quoted in his material)

Keywords is what cyber spiders dine out on. They love them.

When you were researching your niche market, you undoubtedly came across common words within that niche. When I was looking at money as my broad topic for my Money Muscle Gym blog, I looked at the sub-topic of money management which gave me words like saving, budgeting, debt-free, investing and so on. Those are the keywords I will be targeting in that section. Those posts will be massaged and submitted to article directories.

Keywords should be in the title of your articles. An example of the money management sub-topic article might be:

How to be debt-free in one year or less.

Here is what happens out there in the world of the internet. You remember I wrote about how robots go web trolling looking for fresh content and report back to Search Engine when they find some and that when that happens, the site with the fresh content goes up in value in the eyes of Search Engine. Well, there is a step in between.

When the robots find fresh content they rush back to their command center and report to Search Engine that the Money Muscle Gym has fresh content. Search Engine dispatches spider to crawl the website for keyword relevancy --- spider comes back with a glowing report. Now you get the thumbs up from Search Engine.

For best results put your keywords in the title of the post and use it as your article title as well. Pepper your article with the keyword – a word of caution: don’t overdo it because Search Engine isn’t dumb, it doesn’t like keyword stuffing and may even penalize you for it. General rule of thumb is use the keyword two to three times - five at most if it is a long article. Now you can use other keywords from previous postings, this will give depth to your articles and to your blog.

Happy Blogging!

PS... no chees for the spiders please!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go Daddy Founder a Biker?

Yup! It's true. Go Daddy's Bob Parsons is a biker!
But what a bike he's got!

Actually, its a bike that was commissioned to Orange County Choppers, custom bike builders for the rich and famous - and certainly Bob Parsons of Go Daddy qualifies in spades.

The bike was unveiled at the 2007 Super Bowl game in Miami. It figured prominantly in the Go Daddy Commercial. I just caught it on one of the old Orange County Choppers reruns on TV this afternoon ... well, my husband watches the show and I don't ordinarily pay much attention to it, but Go Daddy sure got me ear, so watched the show.

Done in Go Daddy green and orange its a beautiful piece of hardware, the kind you can sit on and ride not the kind that sits in your computer. Its a beaut even if it is all about marketing.

Happy Blogging!

PS. The New York Times called it a "cheesy commercial"

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Expiring Domain Names

It's hard to come up with a snappy, memorable and short keyword dominated domain name these days particularly so if you want a dot com, and all the gurus tell us that it is the dot com that we want anchoring our URL. The obvious ones have long been gone, the creative ones are hard to come by.

This morning I was doing some work on one of the courses I recently bought and WHAM! It hit me right between the eyes! There it was. Expiring Domain Names! Each month there are good domain names not being renewed, some just might be what you are looking for. You can go to

and check out what's available.

Add this to your toolbox for future use.

Happy Blogging!

PS... hey, that's pretty good cheese I'd say!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 100 Hour Rule - Webcast

Earlier this week, March 18 to be exact, I wrote about the importance of picking your battles to win the war. What inspired that article was a posting by Kevin Wilke on the Nitro Marketing Blog “The 100 Hour Rule.”

As a student of the Nitro Marketing Blueprint Course, I receive emails from Kevin.
Yesterday this arrived in my inbox:

“Due to the extreme popularity of Nitro Marketing's
recent blog post about what it really takes to go
full-time in your online business, we are going to
do a full 1-hour LIVE webcast training and break it
down for you into even more detail….”

I thought this was one of those pieces of information that should be shared with you. Attending the webcast is free --- just an investment of one hour of your time.

Register here to attend
These are just some of the things they will be covering:

- What are the exact steps to go from scratch (or wherever you are right now) to having a full-time online business this year?

- How can you eliminate the 5 biggest pitfalls that are holding you back from going full-time online?

- What exactly does an insanely successful internet business look like? (the visual "map" will give you instant clarity the moment you lay your eyes on it)

- What do you need to do right now to see CONSTANT progress in your online business?
(And stop 'spinning your wheels' doing a lot of "busy" work and getting nowhere)

- What do the most successful business owners do to accomplish more in ONE DAY than you normally would in one MONTH? (Especially if you've got a super busy life)

And a few other surprises they have up their sleeve!

If you have a strong desire to succeed online then get registered. I have.

Just click: Register for The 100 Hour Rule webcast to reserve your "seat."

Happy Blogging!

PS... maybe they'll talk about cheese!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traffic Generating Techniques - Part II


Article Marketing in my view is one of the most powerful traffic generating techniques that you can employ. Why? It promotes the likelihood of having other sites point to yours, something that we know as backlinks and something that the search engines love.

Every time another site points to yours it is like a vote of confidence telling the search engines that your site is a good site for content, i.e., information, on the topic at hand.

Valentina. What are you talking about? How does article marketing point back to your sites and what exactly is article marketing anyway?

Glad you asked…

Lets start with article marketing. You already know the value of frequent fresh content on your blog. Now you can have that same content published as an article in Article Directories so that webmasters and bloggers can find good relevant information for their own sites or blogs.

First, take the fresh content that you just posted on your blog. Some say you can publish it as is to Article Directories, others say that you should massage it a bit so it is not a mirror image of your post. Why the two points of view?

Publishing the artivcle as is. Article Directories are hungry for original content. As long as you are the author of the article, you own it, and, the argument says, you can publish it anywhere you like, as is.

The nip & tuck proponents. The alternate argument is that you need to make it a little bit different – not much – from your blog post otherwise the search engines may not recognize it as an original. I prefer to make a few minor changes. This can easily be done by introducing a summary paragraph before cutting and pasting the rest of the article for submission. You might want to massage a word or two here and there as well. It really is a personal choice.

Article Directories are just like phone directories. They accept original articles and place them in the appropriate category for available content. Now here is the good part: every time you submit a piece to an Article Directory, they allow you to add a resource box which gives a little bit of information about you and allows you to put your site as part of that information. THAT’S FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOU AND YOUR BLOG!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Lets say you have chosen bird watching as your niche and you just published a post on your blog about the eagles in Squamish, BC. You massage the article a bit, add a summary – many article directories prompt you to do that at time of submission – and submit to an Article Directory. On approval that article is now available for others to publish on their bird sites with one caveat, they must include the full resource box, that is credit for the article is given to you. Since you included the URL back to your blog, then that eagle site is now pointing to your blog. That gives it a vote of credibility. It’s also called a backlink.

This process can happen over and over and over again. The more often your article is picked up, the more credibility you gain with the search engines. Eventually you are recognized as an authority in that field of bird watching, and the search engines reward you by driving traffic to your site for the keywords “bird watching.”

There are many article directories. You can go on Google and type in “article directories” and Google will return pages and pages of them. Some of the bigger ones are


Happy Blogging!

PS... you can always write about cheese.

Pick Your Battles and Win the War

Pick your battles carefully if you want to win the war.

In the world of Internet Marketing the battles fought are over search engine rankings, traffic and lists. There are more. What we want to win is a big fat check - every month. A blog is a good starting point.

I just read Kevin Wilke's latest post on the Nitro Marketing Blog. It is so simple, yet so powerful ... and so wise. The title? The 100 Hour Rule.

What Kevin says is that to be successful in Inernet Marketing, you have to have razor sharp focus on one outcome and take action to support that outcome. He talks about the 100 hour rule: put in 100 hours of REAL focused work into your Internet Marketing and you will be rewarded for your efforts with MONEY, yessirree - isn't that what we are in this for? Depending on where you are in your Internet Marketing career, you may be looking for a different outcome. I for example am looking for my first $100 month from my Blog Along With Me project. That includes this blog and the spinoffs from it.

How does that translate when it comes to action? What action would deliver that amount month after month after month and continue to grow.

This is a young blog and my new one Money Muscle Gym is even younger. What I am looking for is more traffic, more subscribers. Nothing new there. Everyone looks for that --- even the gurus with their minions of subscribers are always looking for ways to increase traffic and increase their list. Well I think job one is to increase traffi, because sure as there are little green apples, more traffic will ultimately get more subscribers. So the outcome I am really gunning for is traffic.

There are many ways to increase traffic. Kevin's suggestion is to pick one and concentrate your efforts on that one way, until you really get good at it so that its almost on autopilot, then add another.

What am I going to do?

I am going to concentrate on my strength - writing. I may never win a Pulitzer but writing is something I enjoy, feel comfortable with. From now on you will see more posts here as well is on my Money Muscle Gym. I'll be blogging and I'll be submitting articles to Article Directories. Ahh! Stay tuned. The next posting is all about Article Marketing.

In the meantime, hop on over to Kevin Wilke's article ... it is brilliant

Happy Blogging!

PS... 100 hours to making money, 500 hours to kissing your nine to five goodbye!
Go read it!

PPS... Kissing 9 to 5 Goodbye is good ... you can buy all the cheese you want!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Gurus Are Duking It Out in Space!

Lo! What a feast of offerings from the gurus! It's as if all the top guns in the world of internet marketing have entered the virtual boxing ring in space and are duking it out for your dollars and mine. They tempt us with offerings worth thousands of dollars for free if we but buy their newest product that will take our own internet marketing up a notch or two.

Well, I gotta tell you. There is tons of good new stuff. Of course I bought some of the offerings hence my absence from my own blog. I have been reading, implementing and installing. The last of these for once and for all confirms that I am not a techie!!!

As I go through each piece that I have bought, if I think that the information/system/revelation will be of value to you I will post it along with my comments and observations.

Meanwhile, absense from this blog has indeed affected my modest statistical gains of February. While visits to this site from the search engines was almost 12% of total visits in February, that statistic has fallen prey to "no new content" which means that the robots are not taking anything back to the spiders to make it worth their while to come and crawl this site which means that Google and other search engines have siderailed their interest! More on that in some future blog - in the meantime, unless you too are up to your ears in new courses that you are trying to wade through, BLOG! Or the spiders will ignore you too!

I have also been working on a report to offer visitors that can be downloaded for free. It will be in a very simple format and is aimed for the wet behind the ears newbie. My observation is that beginners in Internet Marketing get so overwhelmed with everything out there, they simply do not know where to start. Many buy a full course (like I finally did a few years ago) only to find that once past the first three or four lessons they are in deep waters and barely tredding(like I was).

In my opinion, it is best to start with one simple program which helps you set some foundations - you know, start building your internet muscles. That report will be ready for downloading early April.

Happy Blogging!

PS... Wonder what kind of cheese the gurus buy?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog - Part I

Web traffic is the holy grail of the internet – without traffic, there is no business.

Looking at my February statistics I could certainly use a healthy injection of traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic to your site. Over the next few postings I will cover a few of the basic ones.

Keyword Rich Fresh Content.

Fresh content is important for any site, including a static one that may be selling products, but it is doubly important for a blog. Remember those search engine spiders are hungry for news and information. They are busy crawling the depths of cyber space looking for fresh relevant content so that when visitors come to the search engine’s site, such as Google, looking for information, then the search engine can point the visitor to freshly minted quality content --- our objective is to make that “content” your blog site.

How do you select what content to write about? Of course it needs to be on topic, or something that is relevant to your topic. It could be about something you just read and then you can give your opinion on that article. This can be done for just about anything whether it is a book, a movie you saw or a wicked purse you saw at a cool boutique you just discovered!

Of course if you did as I said (and not as I did), you have a narrow niche blog. Lets stay with purses as an example. Lets say you chose as your niche Versace Purse which according to my research gets some 53 searches per day. Some on topic or related posts could be the latest Versace ad with this drop dead simply to drool over purse that can do double duty as an overnight valise for a quick spur of the moment getaway rendezvous. What about writing about you visit to the local Versace store to ogle over the latest designs. Another time you visit a Versace outlet and spy a to die for purse and are absolutely stunned at your good fortune for the price is oh so affordable. You can write about what it is about Versace purses that you like. The key is to decide on the keyword that you want to fight for and then use it at every instance that you know how. In this case your keyword(s) that you are fighting for is Versace Purse.

However, since I do not do as I say it will be a cold day in hell before I own front page listing on any search engine’s piece of virtual real estate for the term blog as there are close to one million daily searches for that blog and the front page has long been spoken for by the likes of Blogger and other seriously muscle bound blogs. Even keyword blogging generates over 33,000 daily searches. So what is my strategy going to be?

One – I am going to fight for a phrase which I have yet to select. I am considering several and at least one that is a long tail. In the meantime each of my postings will carry either the word blog or blogging in the title. For example the next series of postings will be on generating traffic to your blog. I have wrestled with the wording of this title. Originally I was going to use the word “drive traffic” but research showed that term was mostly connected with the road type of driving. By using the combination of blog/generate/traffic and a sprinkling of some well (I hope) chosen words, I am marketing to a daily search of between 9 and 487. So – micro niche and niche. I will have a better idea of how well this idea/strategy will play out and pay off when I look at my Google Analytics on March 31.

Happy Blogging!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Launch Announcement

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”

So...I'm just getting it going - it sure isn't right. Not Yet! But the new blog is launched: Money Muscle Gym

One of my first mentors was ">Mike Litman – author of Conversations with Millionaires. I cut my internet marketing teeth with his Success Coaching. His outfit did the heavy lifting for me and I navigated through the course. My practicum website of that course is still up and has spawned others within that topic.

If someone were to ask me what was the biggest take away I got from that course I would have to say that it was not the course, but Mike Litman saying that you don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going. Having been at this thresheld many times now, I understand the wisdom of that saying. It is easy to get caught up in getting it right, but being "right" can paralyze you and you never get going.

There are gaping holes. If not exactly under construction, it is in dire need of completion. But I think I have some important things to say about it, things that I hope you will find useful.

1.Topic: money
This is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” dictums. Talk about inch wide mile deep … NOT … more like mile wide - mile deep, no “niche” here. But I have an ulterior motive. I have a long term goal to be an authority on money, how to earn it online and become a multi-millionaire. This is not going to happen overnight.

What I will do instead is use the wheel system where the hub is money, and each spoke will be the niche, or specialty. Each one is then spoked out again … sort of like those big round firework displays that light up the sky on the Fourth of July.

- First Spoke: blueprint
- Second Spoke: money management

Ideally each spoke will be fully populated with articles with a call to action in an orderly fashion. Realistically, I may open a new spoke before finishing with the last one. As new information becomes available, I will post in spokes that have already been extensively covered. Each spoke will be monetized with affiliates and advertising.

I can generate a spoke by either using the “Category” function that is available, or set up a “page” for each spoke. For the time being I will go with the category option as you can see from the sidebar entry.

2. Wordpress:
Many times last week and the week before I had been sorely tempted to scrap the whole idea of Wordpress and just go and launch on Blogger where the territory while not conquered is at least familiar. I don’t think that the free version of Wordpress is as techie taxing as the paid version. I chose the latter because it allows me to monetize, that is it allows me to put up ads. It becomes a magazine or a billboard if you will. Now you can do that with the free Blogger, but its capacity is somewhat limited.

To be where you want to be, you have to follow those that have got there and most of the big time bloggers are on Wordpress.

The problem: I have no blinking idea how to put up those ads. You can see from the template I chose that there is plenty of room for banners and ads of all sorts. Moreover I cannot seem to find any instructions anywhere on that specific function…..aaaarrrrggghhh! But I will get there. At least, I can post. I can guarantee you that in 3 months’ time the look and feel will be much improved.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Good, the Bad - but Not So Ugly! February Analytics

Lessons one learns: before setting out goals have a foundation to support them.

What do you mean, Valentina?

In a minute. First, I am so pleased to announce my first earnings. My first month in business as a blogger I had the following income:

Adsense: $ 5.28
Nitro Marketing $48.50

Total: $53.78

What this amount does is take care of some small bills, for example Hostgator, Wordpress, purchasing Ewen Chia's new book How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider's Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business
and a coffee or two with my friends. Hey! Its a beginning!

Ok... on to the goals.

What I mean is that when I published my January Blogging Anaylitics I made a few goals to be achieved in February which in retrospect were not well founded. How I made these goals was to look at what January produced and simply doubled the results for February. What Results? What the analytics for February did was to bring me quickly to a realization: if I am going to make goals, there has to be a foundation for reaching them.

What I had in mind for February was to double all statistical figures. It did not happen. Here is what did happen:

Screen shot #1

Screen shot #2

Comparative Data: February vs January 2009:
Number of visits declined by 25% Yikes!
Page views declined by 4.25% - sweating bullets now
Page visits up by 27.88% - redemption yet!
Bounce Rate declined by 7.19% - that's good
Average time on site up by 58.5% (to over 6.05 minutes) WOO HOO! That's really good!

Most popular posts were:
Avoid Time Thieves - Focus on Blogging
Oh Google My Google, Where has the Adsense Gone?
Bloghosting - To Pay or Not To Pay

Traffic Sources

I am encouraged that the search engines are finding this blog. The Search Engine generated traffic is up to 8.5%, up significantly from the January figure of 1.18%.

What do these statistics tell me and what can I do to improve in March?

The good stuff:

#1. I really find it encouraging that the average time on the site is now 6.05 minutes. What that tells me is that visitors are spending time reading the content. Moreover the bounce rate has declined by almost 8%, which again substantiates that visitors are coming to read.

#2. Search engine traffic up by 7.32%. I don't know what a guru's take on that would be, but I'll tell what mine is ... I'm doing cartwheels! I think ideally that one would want the traffic sources to be somewhat evenly spread ... but hey! I'll revisit that when I have a better understanding of the value of each type of traffic. But for a two month old blog, that ain't no chicken feed in my book!

March Focus for Improved Results:

#1. Post more frequently. Image #1 shows a decline in traffic towards the latter part of the month. I stopped posting when I could not deliver my new blog in the way that I wanted because of my technical challenges. So, it is true what the gurus say: post, post, post.

#2. Market my posts: I can do this in several ways:
a. Repurpose the blog post with just a few changes and publish it to Article Directories (at least one - more if possible). What this does is that it gives me valuable backlinks and it just might drive some traffic to this blog. In the long term it will give authority to this blog and drive it up in Google's and other Search Eginge's rankings.
b. Use social media more effectively.
c. Broadcast to my list every time there is a new post

#3 - Launch that new blog already!
As mentioned in a previous blog I opted to use the paid version of Wordpress as the platform for my next blog. It is the platform of choice for professional bloggers and offers many more options than Blogger --- it is also somewhat more complicated than Blogger. I've never done one. Wanting to save myself some techie time grief I accepted Nitro Marketing's offer to install a new blog on Wordpress.

I was impressed with how quickly it was installed for me. Then came the techie nightmare. The installed template was simple and easy to use, not only that but Nitro uploaded 14 more templates that I could easily switch to if I was not happy with the one I got.

Having spent some time on blogs authored by Caroline Middlebrook, Yaro Starak, John Chow and others that are pulling in better than a decent annual income, I decided I wanted something different ... and therein lies the tale of downloading and uploading, cpanel and FTP (never mind, you too will one day cross the bridge).

Jeff at Nitro was most helpful in trying to help me navigate through this maze (of course being the stubborn being that I am, I wanted to know every step that I needed to take so that it is indelibly ingrained in my noggin for the next time), except that for some inexplicable reason my screen was not showing the same as it was on Jeff's. Long story short - it's up. I just want to populate it with a few more items and then voila! We're live, baby! Not perfect, but live!

Till then, Happy Blogging:

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PS. Be sure to post your thoughts or comments on this post (or on the blog in general) below.