Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Results

May was good. The charts below show an improvement over the previous months. Traffic is up, page views are up, although the length of time spent on the site is significantly down (gulp!) Most of the activity was from April 30 to May 18 and then the graph lapses. Search Engine traffic also weak. All this once again underscores the value of fresh content.

I also made a little bit of money in May:

Google Adsense: $5.31
Nitro Marketing (affiliate) $118.18
Total: $123.49

Most read posts to date

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#2. How to Monetize Your Blog
#3. Ed Dale Launches Intro to Pre-Season 30 Day Challenge

This blog does not convert well for Adsense. Caroline Middlebrook who also writes a similar blog and from whom I swiped the idea for this one concurs that she also does not get much Adsense conversion on her blog on blogging so much so that she has taken it off.

The beginning of the month always seems to have good traffic. I got a very nice boost midmonth from Dawn Hunt the mystery shopping diva. She facilitated a teleconference on Blogging for Money and I got to speak on the subject and field a few questions during the one hour conference. It was a great experience. I’ll be scoping out the possibility of more.

I had promised a report on Blogging for Money to all who registered for the call. What started out as a 17 – 20 page report turned out to be a full blown of 46 pages. At the time of the conference call on May 14 the ebook was far from finished – it took another week before it was published in very much a “beta” form. I finally had to take control and stared down the temptation to edit, re-edit, and edit again. I decided that it was what it was and it was time to send it on its way.

The next step was to make the ebook available to the readers of this blog. The techie part of internet marketing is not my strength but I am a firm believer of at least learning the bones and understanding the basics. My goal was simple: design a banner that visitors could click on for their free copy. Here are the steps that I had to take:

1. Design the Banner
2. Put up an Opt-in page
3. Program the autoresponder to send an email with a link to download the ebook
4. Thank you page

I spent more hours on this exercise than I care to fess up to. Finally was talking with my mentor Brandon Roe and he helped me out with new graphics and some techie details. I think they are so cool. They are both my new front page and the banner. The next time you visit this page there will be a neat banner for ABC’s of Blogging for Money.

I work in time blocks. The Blog Along blocks were taken up with the above activities … that is my excuse for lack of fresh content during that time and the cost of that is a lazy graph for the second half of May. This also reflects in the low search engine results as well – no new content, no google visits! This is still a very young blog and requires fresh content and marketing for the continuous flow of traffic. Caroline Middlebrook is at that stage of her blog where she gets over 2000 (be still my heart)visitors daily without adding much fresh content - she is busy developing a software program so her posts are further apart.

So what’s in store for June?

- Publish fresh content twice weekly
- Repurpose content into articles
- Publish articles in article directories
- Promote ABC’s of Blogging for Money
- Take the 30 Day Challenge (more on that later)

I am off to Seattle for a few days – it will be a mini-holiday so am leaving the laptop at home. Stay tuned throughout the month for announcements, "next steps" in blogging, progress in “satellite” sites spawned from this one and the occasional juicy tidbit from the internet world.

Till next time ……….

Happy Blogging!


PS. Where the heck is the cheese?

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