Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blogging Results for January 2009

As promised, here are my results for the first month of my Project 2009 -

This is a modest start. When you start your blog, I venture that it too will have similar results at the beginning. Comments on the above chart:

1. Strong dates are Jan 08 when there were 21 visitors and again Jan 23, when there were 22 visitors. What happened on those two dates? Scrolling down the right hand sidebar you can see that the following posts were made:

January 08 - Blogging - How the Money is Made
January 23 - Choosing Your Niche Market

2. Average Time spent is 4 minutes and 4 seconds. I like this statistic, it means that visitors who stay are actually reading the content.

3. New Visits = 37.93% which means that returning visitors are slightly over 60%, which again is very encouraging as it tells me that there is a following forming with this blog.

There is another encouraging statistic form the screenshot below:

Once again, modest as the statistic is at 1.18%, search engines are beginning to take notice of this site.

My goal for February is to:
1. Double these results
2. Fix that annoying blank space on the side bars which should be google adsense.
3. Put up a prominant invitation to subscribe to blog updates
4. Launch the new blog
5. Add some valuable resources

Happy Blogging!

Quick Links:
Blogging - How the Money is Made
Choosing Your Niche Market


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  1. Congratulations, this is a great start. I enjoyed the graphs, it is good to know how one can begin.