Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Google My Google! Where has the Adsense Gone?

The Google Adsense has really got me in a knot ... I just came back to it after a nice walk along the beach, determined to make it work. Just fiddling around I came to a strange result:

1. When I log on to the regular URL or the redirect URL, the result is a site with no Adsense on the sidebars, just blank space where it ought to be.


2. When on the site, whether through the original blogspot URL or the redirect dot com URL (.com) ........and I click on any title of any of the posts, and voila! there is Google Adsense, clear as clear can be! The additional wierd thing is that it then comes up as a page of its own, but the address bar does not change to show it as a unique page (every page on the net has its own unique address, or URL).

OK..........I am going to leave this alone for the time being and check with someone who is a techie and let you know what the outcome is so that you do not have the same problem.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like you are inserting Adsense to each post also. I looked at mine and when I have Adsense in both the side bar and bottom, the bottom one doesn't appear. Try putting it in just the sidebar and see what happens. You think Google would be happy to have ads appear in multiple places.