Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Blog Launch Delayed!

It just goes to show you ... taking short cuts is great, but you need to know what you are cutting short in order to continue.

In my last posting I mentioned that I took up Nitro's offer to set up my new blog in Wordpress, thereby saving myself a lot of techie type grief ... I do have a left brain, but it seems to have atrophied from lack of use!!! Nitro, true to their promise set it all up for me --- that is everything that is needed was installed. Now it's like arriving at an unfamiliar place and not knowing where to go. Some things are obvious, such as posting. But before I started posting I wanted to re-arrange a few things and had no idea how to proceed!


The first thought that ran through my mind was why did I not just stay with Blogger, I have learned by pecking and picking how to work the back end admin area and am quite familiar with all the options and setups. Noooooo.... I had to start on some other system where the back end admin area is like walking in a maze, or so it appears to me right now.

PANIC AGAIN! I am sure that there are instructions on Wordpress as to how to use it properly, but when panic sets it, the fingers go flying all over the keyboard with no results! AHA! I thought. I HAVE AN IDEA!

Some time ago I had downloaded some blogging stuff from Yaro Starak! He is the blogger that Caroline Middlebrook speaks so highly of. YES! There it was, in my blogging file, a whole set of videos on how to set up Wordpress. Indeed there is a God!

Grounded myself, took a few deep breaths, poured myself a coffee, drank it deeply and settled my nerves. Watched the first four videos. Its like Wordpress for Dummies! Thank you. Thank You. Now I know what Nitro did for me. Yes, they did save me a lot of techie type grief!

Next. I am going for a walk. Will I watch the next videos today? Maybe - but probably not. I just checked Yaro's blog entrepreneurs-journey to see if those videos were still availabe but did not see them. But its worth the visit and the newsletter signup!

Blog On!

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