Friday, May 1, 2009

April Results Still Anemic - Shot of Iron Prescribed for May

Results continue to be anemic as evidenced by Google Analytics' screenshot below:

This is the flow of daily traffic. The spikes throughout the month are normal - they are the dates on which I posted on this blog. That statistic supports all that we learn in Blogging 101 - post often. Although there are also some inverted spikes, what I find encouraging is that there appears to be a trend towards an increasing flow of traffic between the spikes which means that traffic is finding its way to this blog not just on publication dates. Now that I have merged rip along and blog along, I see that search engines are once again evident in driving traffic:

Search Engines are delivering 12.75% which is decent if not outstanding. I like that 60.78% are new visits. This is important. While we would all love to have all the traffic that ever lands on our blogs love our blog and its content and return with precision regularity, the reality is that it just does not happen. It takes time to build up a loyal following. When I drill down in my analytics I am super pleased that 16.7% are loyal visitors. In my view, this is the statistic that will be the true measure of this blog's value.

So what's the shot of iron to cure this anemic state?

1. Publishing in Article Directories: The first repurposed article has been submitted. The plan is to publish at least three more in May. The value of these articles is twofold: backlinks (I promise, we'll get to these soon, but basically it means that sites outside of your own blog are pointing to your site); and, viral traffic. This is the sort of marketing that will over time increase the steady flow traffic in between blog posting dates.

2. Teleseminar: An online colleague has invited me to be the guest speaker on a telesimar. The topic will be Blogging For Money.

3. Posting: The backbone of blogging ... post, post, post.

I have mentioned several times on this blog that I have other sites which are not included in these stats. They have been up prior to this project. I will be participating in a launch and a beta from now till September. These are new activities for me. I don't know exactly what we will be engaged in. What I have decided to do is to apply what I learn from these two activities to my dog sites. I know that there will be blogging and social media involved - so it may be that the results for those will be included on this blog in the future (along with appropriate posts).

In the meantime .... Happy Blogging!

PS. Bring home the cheese

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