Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 Day Challenge buzzing with excitement!

30DC - Day 1 ...

Today is easy peasy - three videos to get you in the groove and the first task is to come up with 7 niche topics. Although I have already decided what my topic is going to be, I came up with 7 niches. It will be interesting to go through the exercise and see what the research will bear out.

Fun part: $100 iPod cert for the best answer a to where is your favorite place to get ideas for topics. I put in ... up against some stiff competition as there are some really good ones being posted. The winner will be announced Sunday night. Will let you know what my fave place is and whether it got a mention.

I belong to a team of three and we are literally circling the globe as we have the UK, Vancouver Canada and Sydney Australia represented. We discussed live chats via SKYPE but the time differences were difficult without someone's time zone being in the dead of night.

Happy Blogging!

Blogger for Money.

PS ... if you haven't signed up for the 30 Day Challenge yet ... GO, GO, GO!
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  1. I found a niche in the category we talked about that has thousnds of searches a day and less that 30,000 competing pages. Whoo Hoo. I am on my way with the Thirty Day Challenge.

  2. That's Awesome Bev! That is the benefit of doing this the second time around ... you have built the muscles for last year and you can drill down so much faster ... but I also find that the video instructions are so clear - it's like doing the ABC's