Saturday, April 4, 2009

Owning Google Real Estate

How do you get to own Google real estate?

Here it was, early Saturday morning, the sun shining and the flowers finally beginning to show color, yet here we were, indoors, listening to a rock star talking to us about what? Google real estate?

I belong to a private marketing club called Smart Thinking. Once a month on a Saturday morning we meet. Every member is a business owner. We network, share stories and learn important marketing strategies that help us take our businesses to the next level. The power of this club is evidenced by the distance that members are willing to travel to attend. Each meeting we have a guest speaker. That guest speaker this morning was Colin Wiebe.

Colin is a singer and songwriter. He currently has 4 CDs released. Names like Bon Jovi and Kid Rock pepper his presentation like uncle Tom and best friend Jane would ours. We sit enthralled. Oh yeah! He played and sang with the legendary Randy Bachman of the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive for over decade.

So what is a rock star doing on a Saturday morning talking about Google real estate to a bunch of business owners? Lots.

Colin is also an Internet Marketer, the owner of Fast Creative and this morning he was talking about how to own the most expensive real estate on Google - that would be the top left hand corner of page one for the keyword you are fighting for. To bring that closer to home that would be the topic that you chose for your blog.

We haven't got there yet, but I hear it and read about it everywhere: social media marketing. That's what the internet is all a twitter about these days. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Technorati and myriads others can play a vital role in driving traffic to our sites.

Just like blogging, social media is no longer the stronghold of teens and tweens writing about their piercings, goth getups or the latest heart throb. Corporate America has taken note, or more to the point, it may be argued that the newest President of the United States owes his win to the savvy online social media campaign his team launched. I gotta tell you, when politics and business find a new media format to promote their product, it has gone mainstream, and that means that you and I need to get to get our cohoons together and start learning how to use this powerful media to our advantage.

Happy Blogging!

PS...where are the best cheese bars in your city?

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