Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Social Media Marketing & CRM - There's A Whole Lotta Tweetin' Goin' On

This hot off the press … or should that be off the net?

I just had the pleasure of attending a webinar on Social Media Marketing. The guest speaker was Brent Leary, Co-Founder & Partner, CRM Essentials.


So, Brent was behind the Barack 2.0 campaign which can be argued as having been the tipping point that helped Barack win the presidential race. That is POWERFUL.

I have to admit that Social Media Marketing is still something I am trying to wrap my noggin around. Like so much that is IM it is at once a curiosity and presents a huge learning curve for me. I thought that eventually I would fall into this discipline and apply it to my internet marketing mix. After attending the webinar today I realize that I have to pick up the pace. A lot.

You know what they say about when the student being ready the teacher will appear? I am honored to have been invited to participate in a product launch that will be using social media as its main marketing tool. The product is not an internet product but will be sold on the internet. So hands on, behind the scenes learning. How cool is that?

It is too early for me to be posting any tips on Social Media Marketing, or, as Brent calls it “Conversation Relationship Management” (CRM). If you are ready and/or want to leap ahead and start concentrating on that very crucial and increasingly important online marketing discipline go on over to Brent’s Social CRM Blog and subscribe to his RSS feed … you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Blogging!

PS… this is more than Big Cheese, this is LA GRANDE FROMAGE!

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  1. Hi Valentina,
    You are so lucky to be invited to the seminar and learn about social marketing. Since I am a newbie and I am feeling overwhelmed by too much information, I avoid adding new concepts go into my head for awhile, including social marketing and CRM.
    The funny part is, there is a different interpretation of CRM in the academic world. Instead of calling it Conversational Relationship (Management?)), we (I am a marketing major), we call CRM Customer Relationship Management. I am wondering if they work the same.... very interesting.

  2. Hey Michelle ... I have a marketing degree as well but what I found that while the "bones" are the same, the application and venues beg a sharp learning curve!

    Re CRM ... I think that the reason Brent calls it "conversational" is because he is applying it to social media, where it is all about mini bites of conversation. I have found the same reference online since yesterday. It is interesting how the "conversations" can be managed!

    As a newbie in a new course ... stay the course. You have enough to digest without looking at additional info, lots of time for that later.

    To Your Success ..............valentina