Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Blogging Results - Statistics Tumble

March has been brutal ... I just did not expect that the anchor month for the first quarter of this project would deliver the worst performance since start up --- all three months of it!!! I looked with horror at my results and gulped, I mean, this is not a stock graph after all, but it could be.

On closer examination I think I have found part of the answer. More on that further. For starters, here are the stats

I must say I am a bit confused about something and will need to clear that up. As this blog is Adsense enabled, every time someone visits this site, Google captures that as an impression. The odd thing is that when I do some comparisons, I find that they just don't jive. For example, on one of the days where the analytics chart shows just one lonely visitor, my Google Impressions data tells me that it captured 38 impressions. Which got me wondering.

When I started this blog it had a different purpose and was called Rip Along With Me with a "blogspot" URL. When I decided to change tact, get a unique domain name and redirect that URL to the existing blogspot URL I thought that everything would fall into place nicely. I thought that Google Analytics would merge the two.

I was wrong! I just checked Analytics and note that I need to make changes to my tracking code if I want the statistics to reflect both URLs. There! Sooooooooo.... everything I have captured to date is not entirely accurate! The Analytics to date represent only the original RipAlongWithMe URL!

Since all my promotion has centered around the unique domain BlogAlongWithMe, none of those results have been captured! OK... that makes me feel better. No wonder the "sources" do not record any search engine traffic! Of course, I will make the necessary changes (here goes that techie thing again!)

I have gone over my posts, examined keywords and therein lies aother telling tale. I looked at the titles of the previous months' posts, and either the word "blog" or "blogging" has been in the title, whileas none of my March posts carried either word in the title. I used other keywords, but clearly this blog is not strong enough yet to get Mother Google's blessing for anything other than what I started out with: blog and blogging!

Details, details, details. It is always the small things the make the difference.

Happy Blogging!

PS. No cheese for the month of March!

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