Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 100 Hour Rule - Webcast

Earlier this week, March 18 to be exact, I wrote about the importance of picking your battles to win the war. What inspired that article was a posting by Kevin Wilke on the Nitro Marketing Blog “The 100 Hour Rule.”

As a student of the Nitro Marketing Blueprint Course, I receive emails from Kevin.
Yesterday this arrived in my inbox:

“Due to the extreme popularity of Nitro Marketing's
recent blog post about what it really takes to go
full-time in your online business, we are going to
do a full 1-hour LIVE webcast training and break it
down for you into even more detail….”

I thought this was one of those pieces of information that should be shared with you. Attending the webcast is free --- just an investment of one hour of your time.

Register here to attend
These are just some of the things they will be covering:

- What are the exact steps to go from scratch (or wherever you are right now) to having a full-time online business this year?

- How can you eliminate the 5 biggest pitfalls that are holding you back from going full-time online?

- What exactly does an insanely successful internet business look like? (the visual "map" will give you instant clarity the moment you lay your eyes on it)

- What do you need to do right now to see CONSTANT progress in your online business?
(And stop 'spinning your wheels' doing a lot of "busy" work and getting nowhere)

- What do the most successful business owners do to accomplish more in ONE DAY than you normally would in one MONTH? (Especially if you've got a super busy life)

And a few other surprises they have up their sleeve!

If you have a strong desire to succeed online then get registered. I have.

Just click: Register for The 100 Hour Rule webcast to reserve your "seat."

Happy Blogging!

PS... maybe they'll talk about cheese!

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  1. Hi Valentia,
    I am a fellow Nitro Marketing Student as well. I have been blogging for a while now. I love it. I think Kevin's info is right on. Sorry I didn't buy the NitroBluePrint Course sooner.