Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go Daddy Founder a Biker?

Yup! It's true. Go Daddy's Bob Parsons is a biker!
But what a bike he's got!

Actually, its a bike that was commissioned to Orange County Choppers, custom bike builders for the rich and famous - and certainly Bob Parsons of Go Daddy qualifies in spades.

The bike was unveiled at the 2007 Super Bowl game in Miami. It figured prominantly in the Go Daddy Commercial. I just caught it on one of the old Orange County Choppers reruns on TV this afternoon ... well, my husband watches the show and I don't ordinarily pay much attention to it, but Go Daddy sure got me ear, so watched the show.

Done in Go Daddy green and orange its a beautiful piece of hardware, the kind you can sit on and ride not the kind that sits in your computer. Its a beaut even if it is all about marketing.

Happy Blogging!

PS. The New York Times called it a "cheesy commercial"

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