Thursday, March 26, 2009

Traffic Generating Techniques - Part III

Keyword Rich Articles

Article Marketing is a specialized discipline within Internet Marketing. Much has been written on this inch wide-mile deep subject and it is not my intention to go that deep here. What I want to emphasize is that article marketing is a powerful traffic generating technique. Yes, it requires writing, or hiring someone to do the writing for you.

Let’s go on the assumption that the reason you have turned to blogging for money is because you enjoy writing . You can use this skill to further the success on your blogging efforts as you submit your posts to article directories.

Later on we’ll go into greater detail on article marketing. For now lets just apply what in my mind is the most important thing to remember when writing your articles: keywords.

“Write a series of keyword-targeted articles in various niches and submit them to the elite authority sites online. Continually add these keyword-targeted articles and get ranked for them in Google. Monetize the traffic by sending them to an affiliate link you’re promoting in that niche” … Alvin Phang (or at leasted quoted in his material)

Keywords is what cyber spiders dine out on. They love them.

When you were researching your niche market, you undoubtedly came across common words within that niche. When I was looking at money as my broad topic for my Money Muscle Gym blog, I looked at the sub-topic of money management which gave me words like saving, budgeting, debt-free, investing and so on. Those are the keywords I will be targeting in that section. Those posts will be massaged and submitted to article directories.

Keywords should be in the title of your articles. An example of the money management sub-topic article might be:

How to be debt-free in one year or less.

Here is what happens out there in the world of the internet. You remember I wrote about how robots go web trolling looking for fresh content and report back to Search Engine when they find some and that when that happens, the site with the fresh content goes up in value in the eyes of Search Engine. Well, there is a step in between.

When the robots find fresh content they rush back to their command center and report to Search Engine that the Money Muscle Gym has fresh content. Search Engine dispatches spider to crawl the website for keyword relevancy --- spider comes back with a glowing report. Now you get the thumbs up from Search Engine.

For best results put your keywords in the title of the post and use it as your article title as well. Pepper your article with the keyword – a word of caution: don’t overdo it because Search Engine isn’t dumb, it doesn’t like keyword stuffing and may even penalize you for it. General rule of thumb is use the keyword two to three times - five at most if it is a long article. Now you can use other keywords from previous postings, this will give depth to your articles and to your blog.

Happy Blogging!

PS... no chees for the spiders please!


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