Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Launch Announcement

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”

So...I'm just getting it going - it sure isn't right. Not Yet! But the new blog is launched: Money Muscle Gym

One of my first mentors was ">Mike Litman – author of Conversations with Millionaires. I cut my internet marketing teeth with his Success Coaching. His outfit did the heavy lifting for me and I navigated through the course. My practicum website of that course is still up and has spawned others within that topic.

If someone were to ask me what was the biggest take away I got from that course I would have to say that it was not the course, but Mike Litman saying that you don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going. Having been at this thresheld many times now, I understand the wisdom of that saying. It is easy to get caught up in getting it right, but being "right" can paralyze you and you never get going.

There are gaping holes. If not exactly under construction, it is in dire need of completion. But I think I have some important things to say about it, things that I hope you will find useful.

1.Topic: money
This is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” dictums. Talk about inch wide mile deep … NOT … more like mile wide - mile deep, no “niche” here. But I have an ulterior motive. I have a long term goal to be an authority on money, how to earn it online and become a multi-millionaire. This is not going to happen overnight.

What I will do instead is use the wheel system where the hub is money, and each spoke will be the niche, or specialty. Each one is then spoked out again … sort of like those big round firework displays that light up the sky on the Fourth of July.

- First Spoke: blueprint
- Second Spoke: money management

Ideally each spoke will be fully populated with articles with a call to action in an orderly fashion. Realistically, I may open a new spoke before finishing with the last one. As new information becomes available, I will post in spokes that have already been extensively covered. Each spoke will be monetized with affiliates and advertising.

I can generate a spoke by either using the “Category” function that is available, or set up a “page” for each spoke. For the time being I will go with the category option as you can see from the sidebar entry.

2. Wordpress:
Many times last week and the week before I had been sorely tempted to scrap the whole idea of Wordpress and just go and launch on Blogger where the territory while not conquered is at least familiar. I don’t think that the free version of Wordpress is as techie taxing as the paid version. I chose the latter because it allows me to monetize, that is it allows me to put up ads. It becomes a magazine or a billboard if you will. Now you can do that with the free Blogger, but its capacity is somewhat limited.

To be where you want to be, you have to follow those that have got there and most of the big time bloggers are on Wordpress.

The problem: I have no blinking idea how to put up those ads. You can see from the template I chose that there is plenty of room for banners and ads of all sorts. Moreover I cannot seem to find any instructions anywhere on that specific function…..aaaarrrrggghhh! But I will get there. At least, I can post. I can guarantee you that in 3 months’ time the look and feel will be much improved.

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