Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Gurus Are Duking It Out in Space!

Lo! What a feast of offerings from the gurus! It's as if all the top guns in the world of internet marketing have entered the virtual boxing ring in space and are duking it out for your dollars and mine. They tempt us with offerings worth thousands of dollars for free if we but buy their newest product that will take our own internet marketing up a notch or two.

Well, I gotta tell you. There is tons of good new stuff. Of course I bought some of the offerings hence my absence from my own blog. I have been reading, implementing and installing. The last of these for once and for all confirms that I am not a techie!!!

As I go through each piece that I have bought, if I think that the information/system/revelation will be of value to you I will post it along with my comments and observations.

Meanwhile, absense from this blog has indeed affected my modest statistical gains of February. While visits to this site from the search engines was almost 12% of total visits in February, that statistic has fallen prey to "no new content" which means that the robots are not taking anything back to the spiders to make it worth their while to come and crawl this site which means that Google and other search engines have siderailed their interest! More on that in some future blog - in the meantime, unless you too are up to your ears in new courses that you are trying to wade through, BLOG! Or the spiders will ignore you too!

I have also been working on a report to offer visitors that can be downloaded for free. It will be in a very simple format and is aimed for the wet behind the ears newbie. My observation is that beginners in Internet Marketing get so overwhelmed with everything out there, they simply do not know where to start. Many buy a full course (like I finally did a few years ago) only to find that once past the first three or four lessons they are in deep waters and barely tredding(like I was).

In my opinion, it is best to start with one simple program which helps you set some foundations - you know, start building your internet muscles. That report will be ready for downloading early April.

Happy Blogging!

PS... Wonder what kind of cheese the gurus buy?

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