Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog - Part I

Web traffic is the holy grail of the internet – without traffic, there is no business.

Looking at my February statistics I could certainly use a healthy injection of traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic to your site. Over the next few postings I will cover a few of the basic ones.

Keyword Rich Fresh Content.

Fresh content is important for any site, including a static one that may be selling products, but it is doubly important for a blog. Remember those search engine spiders are hungry for news and information. They are busy crawling the depths of cyber space looking for fresh relevant content so that when visitors come to the search engine’s site, such as Google, looking for information, then the search engine can point the visitor to freshly minted quality content --- our objective is to make that “content” your blog site.

How do you select what content to write about? Of course it needs to be on topic, or something that is relevant to your topic. It could be about something you just read and then you can give your opinion on that article. This can be done for just about anything whether it is a book, a movie you saw or a wicked purse you saw at a cool boutique you just discovered!

Of course if you did as I said (and not as I did), you have a narrow niche blog. Lets stay with purses as an example. Lets say you chose as your niche Versace Purse which according to my research gets some 53 searches per day. Some on topic or related posts could be the latest Versace ad with this drop dead simply to drool over purse that can do double duty as an overnight valise for a quick spur of the moment getaway rendezvous. What about writing about you visit to the local Versace store to ogle over the latest designs. Another time you visit a Versace outlet and spy a to die for purse and are absolutely stunned at your good fortune for the price is oh so affordable. You can write about what it is about Versace purses that you like. The key is to decide on the keyword that you want to fight for and then use it at every instance that you know how. In this case your keyword(s) that you are fighting for is Versace Purse.

However, since I do not do as I say it will be a cold day in hell before I own front page listing on any search engine’s piece of virtual real estate for the term blog as there are close to one million daily searches for that blog and the front page has long been spoken for by the likes of Blogger and other seriously muscle bound blogs. Even keyword blogging generates over 33,000 daily searches. So what is my strategy going to be?

One – I am going to fight for a phrase which I have yet to select. I am considering several and at least one that is a long tail. In the meantime each of my postings will carry either the word blog or blogging in the title. For example the next series of postings will be on generating traffic to your blog. I have wrestled with the wording of this title. Originally I was going to use the word “drive traffic” but research showed that term was mostly connected with the road type of driving. By using the combination of blog/generate/traffic and a sprinkling of some well (I hope) chosen words, I am marketing to a daily search of between 9 and 487. So – micro niche and niche. I will have a better idea of how well this idea/strategy will play out and pay off when I look at my Google Analytics on March 31.

Happy Blogging!

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